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Discover the world through the eyes of Rosalind Severin McClean, a passionate author whose words breathe life into the essence of Dominica.

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Rosalind Severin McClean, best-selling author of Oceans of Thoughts Book One and Book Two, is known for her profound and most inspiring writing style. Her impressive work in poetry has claimed excellent reviews from her many audiences, both local and international. Not only has she participated in Open Mic events and written editions in News Paper articles to showcase her work, but she was also featured in the Queens Underground Film Festival Poetry Showcase. Rosalind is an exemplary performer in the arts, dance, and culture. She has been interviewed on Radio talk shows including Civic Vibes on Q95 FM and Connecting The Dots on DBS Radio in Dominica; TDN Radio Caribbean;

Metaphorically Speaking on Colourful Radio UK; The Diane Ray Show MindBodySpirit.fm Florida; Live Your True Life Perspectives with Ashley Berges, Dallas Texas; The Writer’s Parachute Episode 35, Florida; and has appeared on TV Stations: ABS TODAY, Antigua; BRIDGE STREET 9ABC, Syracuse, New York; KGET-TV 17 Bakersfield, California; and WSFL-TV’s INSIDE South Florida, to discuss her previous books, Oceans of Thoughts Book One and Book Two.

Born in The Commonwealth of Dominica to Mr. & Mrs. Clifford A. Severin, Ms. McClean lives with her daughter Malti McClean in Queens, New York.

Mr. Clifford Alexander Severin,

World War II Veteran

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Football Tournament

in Windsor Park, Dominica, 1970s:

Transport yourself to the spirited atmosphere of a 1970s football tournament in Windsor Park, Dominica. This vibrant snapshot captures the heart and soul of the island, and it’s an integral part of the tapestry woven in “Oceans of Thoughts Book Three.”


In Her Own Words

Explore the dynamic world of Rosalind Severin McClean through these exclusive interviews. Delve into her inspirations, passions, and the driving force behind her works as she takes you on a journey into the heart of storytelling. Gain insights into her life, her profound connection to Dominica, and the transformative power of her writing.

KGET Studio 17

Bakersfield, California

Take a behind-the-scenes journey into the heart of Rosalind Severin McClean’s storytelling world with her interview at KGET Studio 17 in Bakersfield, California. Gain insight into her inspirations, passions, and the driving force behind her works.



Join Rosalind Severin McClean on BRIDGE STREET CHANNEL 9 ABC in Syracuse and delve into her life, her connection to Dominica, and the impact of her writing. Uncover the experiences that have shaped her journey as a writer and guardian of Dominica’s stories.